If you are bored with kitchen designs at home, don’t rush to renovate them. A little touch of decoration can give a new impression on the kitchen. This step is also more practical than having to dismantle the kitchen and replace it with new material. Additionally, you can also install some dallas granite countertops if you want to make your kitchen looks more luxurious.

Here are some kitchen decorating tips to get a beautiful fresh look without renovation:

Hang the cooker

Remove your cooking utensils from kitchen drawers and cabinets and use them as decoration. Make the hanging cookware look more attractive with a beautiful hanger design. There are pegboard or board hangers, some are in the form of stainless or plastic hangers with a simple design to hang your equipment.

Change bar stools

Replacing a bar stool that complements the kitchen island will give a significant new impression. One option is to change the model of a bar chair into a rattan chair with an accent that attracts attention. That way even a plain kitchen will look new and more attractive. You can also repaint old barstools to give your kitchen a new impression.

Change the lamp

The existence of decorative chandeliers is quite influential on the look of the kitchen. Replace the old chandelier with a new hood. The creative chandelier itself also does not hurt to try. Make a lampshade from the things around.

Colored Home Appliances

Bring a new impression into the kitchen with home appliances or new kitchen equipment. Let the new impression be felt, choose kitchen equipment with a different color than you had before. With new and colorful kitchen utensils, it will certainly make the kitchen fresh and you will become more enthusiastic about cooking.


If you don’t have time to draw it yourself or want a more practical wall decoration, choose your artwork. Wall displays in the form of paintings or other artwork are also effective to provide a new atmosphere in the kitchen and certainly make the kitchen more beautiful. Don’t forget, adjust the size of the artwork to the size of the kitchen you have. If the kitchen is limited in size, choose a small artwork so the kitchen doesn’t seem full.

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