When your baby’s allergies recur, he often sneezes, colds, shortness of breath, or bumps may occur on the skin. Allergic reactions occur when your child is exposed to allergens or allergens. Therefore, the main recommendation from the Pediatricians to deal with allergies is to do “avoidance triggers”. In addition, you can also hire a House Cleaning company to clean your house if you are busy with your work.

Here are some ways that you can do to prevent allergy triggers for your child at home:

Set a Routine Cleaning Schedule

Families with allergic children need to prioritize routine cleaning activities at home. If cleaning the house thoroughly every day feels hard for you, share the task for a week, and involve other family members. For example, today mopping, tomorrow changing the sheets of the room, then the day after tomorrow clean the bathroom.

Choose Duster Material

When cleaning shelves or tables, try to use a feather duster or cloth with microfiber. Feather duster actually makes the dust fly all over the house and potentially provoke a child allergic. Microfiber material that is “capturing” dust is safer to use.

Change the sheets regularly

Although not visible to the eye, the surface of sheets in a house is usually filled with hair, pet dander, dust, and mites. Change sheets at least once a week and wash with gentle detergent without excessive deodorant. In addition, clean blankets and bed covers at least twice a week.

Keep the bathroom humid

As much as possible keep the bathroom dry. Ideally, the bathroom is exposed to sunlight or at least uses an exhaust fan so that there is air exchange. A bathroom that is too humid can cause mold to grow which can trigger allergies. Brush the floor every time you shower so that dirt does not accumulate. Don’t forget to clean the areas that are rarely reached, such as behind the toilet.

Reduce Allergen Potential

Preventing allergens from entering is better than cleaning allergens that are already in the house. Some things that can be done are not to bring in shoes that have been worn outside, avoid using cleaners or candles with excessive scent, and not to accumulate items that can be a gathering place for dust.

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