In order to look slimmer, you don’t have to wear dark clothes. You can also use brightly colored clothing that has a small pattern with a simple cut. Use clothes with small diameter motifs in order to give a higher impression on your body. In addition, you should avoid clothes with horizontal motifs. It’s because this motif will actually make your body look wider. So, don’t make the wrong choice. Furthermore, you can also visit womens clothing stores Kelowna if you want to go shopping with a lot of choices.

Then, even though you have a big body, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear layered clothes. It’s fine for you to wear layered clothes, but of course, there are rules so that your body can look slimmer. You can use a T-shirt or tank top that isn’t too tight. After that, mix it with a jacket or cardigan with the bottom not too long and if not shorter than your shirt. That way, your body can look slimmer and taller.

Aside from that, Regardless of size, body shape should not be hidden. That’s why you should choose clothes that emphasize your waist. Even if you have a large body, the shape of the body hourglass still needs to be shown. Therefore, use clothes that fit your body that can highlight your body shape. Try to have clothes and colors that draw attention to the pelvis, such as vertical lines.

Finally, the accessory selection is also important if you want to make your big body look slimmer. We recommend using a small belt because he can make your stomach look slimmer. In addition to the belt, the selection of bags is also important to note. We recommend using a small bag with a small strap because it can make your body look taller and slimmer. The selection of the right shoes is no less important to note. We recommend choosing high-heeled shoes with a pointed shape. When using high heels, your calves will tighten and your buttocks will be pulled up. That way, you look taller, slimmer, and graceful.

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