The rise of theft cases with broken car windows is troubling society today. Only with spark plugs or ceramic pieces, the thieves can launch their actions. They are targeting parking lots in malls, campuses, rest areas, to hospitals. This thief gang is always in groups and divides the roles of each action. There are drivers, executors, and some are in charge of spying around the location. Criminals do various ways of carrying out their actions. The usual method is to break the glass by pushing a helmet, or with car spark plugs that are trending. To avoid that, you can install a dashcam in your car. To get the best dashcam, you can visit our website and get dashboard camera reviews.

Now it is rarely done breaking glass with hard objects such as axes or crowbars because they make loud noises, which can endanger the perpetrators. In addition, wearing a helmet is also rarely done because even though it does not make a sound, it will be difficult to open it if you use a good quality window film.

Therefore, criminals prefer to use spark plug powder to carry out the action. They often use spark plugs that are given saliva to cool them down so that when they are thrown into a hot and high-pressure car windshield, the glass immediately cracks. The cracked glass can then be pushed by the perpetrator easily so that they can retrieve the car owner’s valuables that were left in his car. For information, they often perform the action during the day because of the heat and high air pressure from the car.

First, people are advised not to completely cover the glass when parking. This aims to anticipate unwanted theft crimes. In addition, if parking the car during the day, the windshield must be opened at least 1 cm as a way to circulate the air. The perpetrator of the theft could not break the glass with shattered spark plugs. Installing additional sensors, double alarms, or electrical cuts for cars that have not yet been embedded with the Immobilizer feature in preventing the car from being taken away by criminals.

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