Marble countertops dallas is highly revered, as it deserves to be with an aura that exceeds expectations in a divine luster that lasts and lasts. Durability is an essential hallmark. Besides, marble is not very expensive compared to some other fancy stuff and is easy to maintain. If cleaned with care, the celestial sheen should last a generation and more, and keep spirits going for an eternity.

Marble countertops dallas used by many public venues like restaurants and cafes, bars and ice cream joints contain marble countertops and they take fastidious care. Take a good look around before investing in something as dainty and easily spoiled as marble, spoiled by acids. Calcium carbonate is what marble is basically made of as it gets formed within the earth’s recesses deep down under. Those secrets are not really well known. Geologists would know all that. In any case, marble is not a carbonite and there is a difference! Cultured marble is different, though, since it goes through a complex manufacturing process. Besides, cultured marble is more easily damaged by sharp objects, and even a burning cigarette.

Don’ts about marble countertop cleaning

Calcium carbonate quickly reacts with acids and if such stuff were spilled on the marble countertop surface, what would you expect? Etches and stains would be the result of the chemical reaction. Even lime juice is bad enough. Vinegar certainly won’t do, either. Avoid powdered cleaners, harsh chemicals and abrasives. No bleach. What actually happens is that the acid reaction corrodes the surface, just a tiny bit. Fastidious owners and perfectionists would consider that bad enough.

How you really need to clean

The job is essentially so simple that there could hardly exist alternative methods to carry out the operation. The soap, towel and spray bottle could be from a different company or may be of other colors. A little care would keep that countertop as good as new for many years with the inbuilt durability of natural stone.

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