One of the next SEO Advance techniques is that you must ensure that the website that you manage and own is mobile-friendly. Why should so? Yep, because today, many people often access a website from their smartphone. How exactly is the way to find out if your website is mobile-friendly or not? To try SEO and increase your website trafic, you can visit

You can open it on a smartphone if the view given is a desktop browser version but with a smaller version, then your website is not mobile-friendly yet. If so, there will be impressions in other forms that match the browser on the smartphone. Of course, this is very important so that the website has easy to be accessed anywhere.

Use of Internal Deep Linking Techniques
Maybe you are wondering about this one thing. What is deep linking? Deep Linking is a technique that uses anchor text techniques to be able to connect between these pages with other pages on your website or blog. Similar to advertisements that will increase your website traffic, using deep linking will also help you to increase page authority. This will help your website a lot to improve its search ranking, even for difficult keywords. It’s a technique that you need to understand and have, in order to increase your website traffic.

Use Link Juice for Low Ranking Pages
What is the term for link juice? This SEO Advance technique is an outbound link from a website with high authority to reach your content. Of course with this one technique, you will be able to increase your website traffic easily and quickly. You can take steps such as updating website posts, then sharing updated posts on social media, then linking those posts to each of your new posts. That way it will be easy to increase your post visits and increase your website traffic. Not only new posts but old posts will be read by others.

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