In the past few years, investment in crypto-currency types of bitcoin has become one of the most popular investments in the world. Since its first appearance, bitcoin does have its charm, utilizing a decentralized server system makes investing in digital currencies much safer compared to security systems that are normally carried out centrally. This cryptocurrency investment such as a minority-owned investment education company opens up micro-economic opportunities for remote areas. Those who have limited access to the banking sector have been able to use cryptocurrency as an investment medium that can only be accessed with an internet connection. Even though they don’t have a bank account, they can still be involved in digital economic activities on a local and global scale, given the internet and cellular penetration is growing exponentially.

Likewise, the circulation of bitcoin throughout the world is recorded by the blockchain algorithm so that it allows users to supervise and view all transaction activities transparently. The use of cryptocurrency is booming and technology support can give birth to the trend of Bitcoin Lifestyle. This lifestyle is not only related to financial management but is also used in supporting fundraising activities, music, easy travel, and others. With so many users now it can be believed that in the future the number of users will continue to increase, moreover this investment has the potential to make personal financial arrangements easier.

In this case, the blockchain is the main foundation behind all transaction activities that use Bitcoin. Blockchain can remove the role of intermediaries by creating a secure system and recording transactions that are permanent against transactions between two parties. Bitcoin lifestyle is indeed a lot of work with various groups, from public figures, entrepreneurs, to casual workers. With a series of conveniences that it offers, it is not impossible that in the future the use of banknotes will decrease and the efficiency of digital money becomes the consideration of many parties to move to use this type of currency.

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