Dance, like all forms of cultural expression, generally reflects the life of the society in which it lives. Just as the history of the United States has had a very broad influence so that n dance forms have very diverse forms. While Ballet dance is becoming a popular form of dance, but you cannot forget about jazz dance, especially swing dance.

In fact, a good dance comes from a hard, non-stop training process. Professional dancers will certainly have a flexible body, as a result of their training. But, if you don’t wear comfortable shoes, even the wrong ones, the results will be very different. So, to be more optimal, use the right shoes to support your agile body movements. You can get that on

The steps and important styles of Jazz Dance originate from African dances brought to America by slave-slaves. Initially, jazz dance took the form of any dance that was played on top of Jazz music. Including jitterbug and tap dance. Over time, the jazz genre emerged with a clear definition, and the dance turned into a theatrical dance performed by professionals.

While most of the swing dances are in the African-American Community. Here are some Forms and Development of Swing Dances:

Lindy Hop flourished in the early 1930s. This is an African-American dance that requires great physical strength.
Balboa, also known as “bal” is an Eight-Count dance that dances close to one another. Usually danced with fast jazz songs around 180-320bpm.
Shag, usually performed at a fast tempo, and this dance originated from Carolina in the 1920s
Boogie-woogie developed in the 1940s, following the development of boogie-woogie music. Very popular in Europe and dances in the rock and rock n roll blues season
Rock n Roll, developed in 1950 in accordance with the development of rock n roll music. Rock n roll is very popular in Australia. This dance is a development of Lindy Hop.
Charleston is a dance that flourished in Charleston, South Carolina. Popular rhythmic of a song called “Charleston” by James p Johnston which comes from Broadway Running Wild.

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